Letter From The Editor

Russ Cannizzaro


I recently returned from a four-day trip to New York City visiting galleries that The Artrepreneur was interested in for representing our artists. The research for locating just the right galleries for our artists is done weeks before we ever set foot in a gallery. There is the gallery’s history to review, the type of artists they represent, and their marketing and advertising plan. Exhibit schedules, press releases, and gallery reviews must also be taken onto consideration. When all these elements are positive and we recognize that this particular gallery would be a perfect fit for representing our artist(s) work then we schedule our visit to the gallery.

First impressions tell me a lot about a gallery. From the moment I walk into an art gallery I am visually recording the entire experience. How I am greeted by the staff, the look and feel of the gallery, and how is the gallery’s artwork displayed and lighted.  Is their staff knowledgeable about the artists they represent, and are they excited to be representing their artists.

While locating the right galleries to represent our artists does take time and due diligence, the results are always rewarding in terms of the marketing and selling of our artists’ work, and promoting their careers.

Doing our “Homework” and following a proven strategy always pays off. Whether we are locating galleries to represent our artists, researching royalty/licensing agencies, or exploring new art markets for our artists, we will always do our research, and our due diligence to insure our artists’ success.

Russ Cannizzaro, CEO
The Artrepreneur L.L.C.