Type of Artwork

Painting, Illustration, Digital Art

Style of Art

Realistic, Representational

Subject Matter

figurative, children, humorous, people, Americana, narrative, slice of life


As far back as I can remember, I was always fascinated by art and music. I spent many hours copying comic book art of all types, from Mad magazine to Disney characters. When I was still in grade school, my budding talent was encouraged by art teachers to the point where I only had to spend half a day in class and then could spend the rest of the school day drawing, painting and learning crafts like creating silk screens from scratch. It certainly seemed I was headed for a career in commercial art someplace. Until fate stepped in.

At the same time I was exploring the world of visual and graphic arts, I also had a certain knack for music. My time in the school orchestra led eventually to a scholarship to music college. By the time I got to high school I was a folksinger / poet / songwriter and that led to 20+ years as a professional Rock and Roll musician.

During those years, I was always the guy who made the gig posters, who designed the logos and the group's "look" and made its promo material. The artist in me found expression in helping advance the musician's career.

As fate would have it, at one point between bands I drifted into the advertising business. I helped start an agency and eventually learned to do everything involved in that business. I was a Photographer, Art Director, Production Artist, Creative Director, Copywriter, Video Producer — you name it I did it. Looking back I realize it all comes from the same wellspring of the artist's soul and temperament.

After leaving the Ad Agency in the early 1990s I got involved with computer technology and became a Web Designer and Digital Artist. It was like making a full circle back to where I started and I've been enjoying my rebirth as a visual artist ever since.

The majority of images presented here are from The White Series. Each image captures a fleeting moment of an everyday event that might otherwise have been overlooked as we rush through our hectic lives.

I appreciate your interest and invite you to pause for a moment to join me in this little Celebration Of The Ordinary.

– Rainer


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